We are delighted to congratulate Natasjia (Tash), current Year 12 student and Sports Captain at Korowa, on being offered a full rowing scholarship to the University of Central Florida (UCF) in Orlando. Since joining Korowa in Year 7, Tash has participated and exceled in many sports; diving, swimming, netball, cross country, track and field and basketball just to name a few! Coached by Korowa’s Director of Rowing, and Olympian, Jane Robinson and Senior coach Emma Webley, Tash has demonstrated a passion for rowing, her dad stating “[that] none of this would have been possible without Korowa, where she was introduced to rowing, and guided and inspired by her coaches and team members to make this her sport”. Above all, Tash is a dedicated and committed individual and we know that she will shine at UCF!

Here is what Tash had to say about her exciting venture:

How did you get into rowing?

After I stopped gymnastics, I saw a lot of my friends at Korowa had signed up to do rowing and I thought I might try it as well. From the very beginning, I loved rowing with my friends and being a morning person; was able to wake up every morning to do something I loved.

How long have you been rowing for?

I started rowing in the Learn To Row Program at Korowa in Year 8, and have rowed for 4 seasons (4 years). I am currently training for my 5th season with Melbourne University Boat Club (MUBC).

What do you love about rowing?

I love everything about rowing. Being able to feel how fast you’re moving each stroke and seeing all your progress from the long ergos and gym sessions transfer onto the water. I also love being part of such an inclusive and competitive environment of people all working towards the same goal.

What was the application process like?

The application process was long, however incredibly enjoyable. This process started last year for me when one of friends from diving who had been recruited put me onto the agency she used; Athletes USA. The agency helped me create a profile about my goals in sport, current achievements and some recruiting videos. After talking to the agency, we felt that division 2 diving would be my best opportunity, however I decided to include rowing in my profile also as I was really enjoying both sports.

In August last year, I had interest from a Division 1 college that only wanted me for rowing. My talks with the college continued, however this did lead to further investigation that found there were many more opportunities to row in the US. I started to reform my profile more towards rowing and was very pleased with my season in both sports. In April, two more schools showed interest, then in the end I was overwhelmed as 16 schools had expressed their interest. UCF stood out to me as not only is it an extremely competitive program, but the coaches I spoke with also emphasised the inclusive environment and support I would receive from other rowers and the school. This led me of course, to choose UCF to continue my academic and athletic journey.

When will you commence at UCF?

I begin in August of 2022 at UCF.

What are you most excited about?

While I am definitely excited about the rowing program at UCF, I am also very excited to meet people from countries all around the world. The diversity at UCF means there are people from many different backgrounds and countries including Europe, Asia and the USA. I am also excited to experience ‘college life,’ like going to pep rallies, living in a dorm with other people and being able to speak to people about life in Australia.

What subjects will you study?

Although you don’t pick your major until Sophomore year (second year), I think I will study Health Sciences as many of my current subjects will prepare me for this degree.


We wish Tash all the very best at UCF.

Tash is the second Korowa student to be offered a rowing scholarship in the USA in the last two years, Jemima Parton (Class of 2020) accepted a full rowing scholarship to SMU. An incredible achievement! Read more about our new River Campus that recently opened here.