Written by Grace, Year 8 2022




There is never a dull moment on a Korowa camp. Our destination for our end of year trip was Huskisson in Jervis Bay, New South Wales. We arrived at our departure point on Central Park full of excitement! We had to take every type of transport… plane, train and finally a bus! After sandwiches, 80s tunes, sleep, and lots of chatting we finally arrived at our destination at about 5pm. I was so glad to be staying in cabins this time and that we didn’t have to cook!

Each day was packed with different activities. The next day our group headed to Nowra Zoo for the Treetops High Ropes activity. This is an elevated climbing course in the trees with ziplines. When we were walking to the activity, we saw a few peacocks too! After listening to the safety briefing, everyone participating put on an orange vest ready for the challenge. It was fun watching everyone so animated and using problem-solving skills! Later in the day we were welcomed to Country by the traditional owners of the land. We learned about native plants on a bush walk and then had a lesson in basket weaving which was lots of fun. We each made a small raffia basket to bring home. Doing this activity made me a lot more appreciative of the time and effort that goes into the baskets that I see in museums and shops.

Our service exercise was mid-week. The activity was about planting and weeding. We learned about harmful plants and which plants were recommended instead. We searched for each weed as a team, removed all that we could and then moved onto the next one. We also experienced an Indigenous smoking ceremony where our guide burned plants and leaves. It is believed that the smoke has both spiritual and physical cleansing properties and can also ward off bad spirits! In the afternoon, half of my group went kayaking and the other half went to the local maritime museum. Just outside, there was a lake with a pelican, cute ducks, and lots of fish. We brought two loaves of bread to feed them. We threw the bread nearby the fish, and we saw all of them fight for the one piece. This was my favorite activity during camp. It was nice to take the time out of our day to do something relaxing, yet fun at the same time. The day closed out with a nice dinner and a relaxing movie with ice-cream.

Day four was the day for the sea cruise! After a leisurely wake up time and breakfast we headed out on a bumpy sea cruise. We spotted a few dolphins! We spent the rest of the day either bike riding or shopping and finished the day with pizza and a dance off! Then it was early to bed for a long day of travel back to Melbourne the next day. Even if camping is not your thing, Jervis Bay has a lot to offer. You can make new friends and grow out of your comfort zone.  You will always have something to do on camp and you will never be bored!

Photos: Grace, Year 8 2022