There was a buzz of energy through the screens on Tuesday 31 August, with three teams from Years 7 and 8 working together for the Kid’s Cancer Project Write a Book in a Day Competition 2021. Drawing on the Korowa values of Courage, Respect, Integrity and Service students had just 12 hours to write and illustrate an original book using key parameters set by event organisers including; three characters, a setting, an issue, five random words and incorporate Australian content.

All finished stories are shared with hospitals around Australia for children undergoing treatment to read.

Participating in this competition forms part of the Mitre program, Korowa’s signature extension program committed to identifying highly able students in Years 5 to 8 and providing them with challenging learning environments and external opportunities. Throughout the competition students demonstrated their skills as they took on roles of author or illustrator and negotiated, collaborated, worked under pressure, brainstormed and supported each other through an action-packed day!

Using Microsoft Teams, Adobe creative suite and other platforms our teams quickly adapted to participating in the day virtually. They not only demonstrated their creative skills, but also their ability to be resilient in the ever-changing circumstances.


Twelve hours of dedicated hard work resulted in three incredible stories:

Under the Billabong – by Shelf Indulgence

City Lights to the Power of Eight – by Team 2

Delivery by Design – by The ShakenPeers

To view all the books, head to the competition website here.

A big thank you to Alicia Mein, Gifted and Talented Coordinator and Head of Year 7, for organising this special day and supporting our teams.