Last week Korowa hosted a presentation from Peggy Orenstein, acclaimed expert on the challenges facing teens – and their parents – as they come of age in today’s society followed by an interactive Q&A. 

Peggy covered some confronting topics – sexual consent, ethics and pleasure; the influences of mainstream media, social media and pornography; the rise of hook-up culture; sexual consent; and gender socialisation – all are areas we need to be informed about so we can start the conversations with our young people early. 

Over 700 people registered to attend this webinar, confirming that we want to know more and we want to understand how we can support our children.  

Following this presentation, we asked people what their top five takeaways from the session were: 

  1. Start the conversation early and maintain it on a regular basis. 
  1. The importance of sexual citizenship and reciprocal respect in a relationship. 
  1. Consent is a crucial element of sexual wellbeing. 
  1. In conversations with girls about sex, include the idea of both responsibility and pleasure.  
  1. Have open conversations and talk more about feelings, intimacy, sex, porn, consent, hook up culture, and relationships. 

To learn more from Peggy visit her websiteFacebook or watch her TEDTalks.