Louise joined us in mid-2021 as Korowa’s Student Futures Specialist. Louise supports our students in Years 7 – 12 in careers counselling and equips them with the knowledge and skills to prepare them for their future world of work.

Having previously worked in schools in a careers capacity and prior to that in corporate marketing, Louise brings a wealth of knowledge and experience – an invaluable resource for our students as we prepare them to be future-ready citizens.

When discussing her vision for Student Futures at Korowa Louise said, “I am driven to empower school students to confidently and curiously manage their own pathways in order to thrive in the future world of work. I am committed to a future where career education is integrated into the K-12 curriculum, students are regularly immersed in industry, they understand how to apply transferable employment skills, have access to mentors and know how to network and feel confident to promote their authentic self.”

Louise emphasises the importance of closing the loop between education and industry. She said, “The only way someone can work out whether they like a job or an industry is to experience it through exposure. Whether that be through physical or virtual work experience, informational interviews with employees within an industry of interest or listening to a careers-related podcast for example, as many experiences a person can have will only lead to them making more informed decisions at key times in their working and/or studying life.”

“I feel a strong sense of community at Korowa. Staff and students alike are caring, thoughtful and positive. I love the holistic and individual approach taken with every student to ensure they can be the best version of themselves at all times.”

Whilst Louise is not technically a Korovian, she has a long connection to the School as she lived across the road in Ranfurlie Crescent and both her mother, aunts and mother-in-law attended Korowa. Her sister, Kate, was also a teacher here. Louise fondly recounts hearing the music from the Music Studio travel across the road to her bedroom.

Korowa is excited to be hosting their inaugural Student Futures Expo for Korowa’s students and families to attend this evening.