The best listener and a calming influence, Ivy has a big impact on the daily experiences of Korowa’s students. Ivy joined Korowa in 2020 as a companion dog who supports students from Prep through to Year 12.

A reclassified Guide Dog, Ivy was specifically matched to Korowa for her gentle and calm nature.

When she’s not at school, Ivy lives with Shannon, Korowa’s Learning Support Coordinator.

Most days, Ivy can be found ‘working’ in various classes, supporting small groups of students in our Learning Commons or socialising outside with staff and students. She especially loves going to the Prep room for extra pats!

Along with being there for support, Ivy has also assisted our Korowa community through things such as:

  • Supporting students with anxiety by attending classes/assessments
  • Assisting on days like NAPLAN to reduce stress amongst students
  • As a muse in art classes
  • Regular group work in the Prep classroom
  • Companion in after school EAL classes
  • During Crew, Community and Circle classes
Benefits of Companion Dogs

Significant research into the effects of companion dogs in schools shows a range of benefits including decreases in learner anxiety behaviours and positive changes towards learning and improved motivation. Other benefits include growing confidence and increases in school attendance levels.

Please say hi to Ivy if you see her passing by with Shannon, she has a new school uniform she loves showing off! She also always loves a pat and a chat.