At the beginning of 2021 we implemented a whole school Mental Health Strategy, developed to support our students, staff and families. We recognise that investing in our community’s mental wellbeing is paramount to ensure that our students continue to thrive academically, emotionally, and socially in today’s world. The Korowa Mental Health Plan, as illustrated, has been designed to enable the prevention and early intervention of wellbeing and mental health issues in students. This strategy has been integrated through all areas of teaching with a particular focus on the Circle, Community and Crew classes. 

The strategy explores mental health under three sub-categories: Self-care, Connectedness and Health Practices underpinned by our School values, social emotional learning and character. 

Self-Care is about caring for oneself and using a range of strategies alleviate stress and improve wellbeing such as contemplation, creativity and self-compassion. 

Connectedness is about feeling you belong to something, that you are included, accepted and appreciated. We look at this through the climate of kindness, collaboration, ceremonies and connection.  

Health Practices is the final element of the Mental Health Strategy which examines positive health practices, being physically active, eating well and looking after yourself. 

If  2020 taught us anything it was the importance of looking after oneself and supporting each other to maintain a healthy mind and body. The feedback following the introduction of this strategy has been very positive, students have embraced the opportunities to discuss various topics such as coping strategies and make use of mindfulness tools as part of a series of self-calming activities.