In the Junior School your daughter develops her first love of learning. She builds a solid foundation in areas of social and emotional wellbeing, and academic knowledge and skills.

The Early years are about curiosity, confidence, persistence, imagination, problem solving and investigating. It’s in her first years that she discovers school is a wonderful place to be.

As students move through the Junior School there is a focus trying new things and independence of mind and actions is encouraged. Students identify their personal qualities and achievements as well as learning to express their emotions appropriately.

In the final years of Junior School, it is all about developing good character through leadership, building independence, encouraging initiative, and embracing the Korowa values of courage, respect, integrity and service.

We strive to provide the best possible learning environment. Our class sizes enable our teachers to develop a strong relationship with your daughter and provide individual support.

Our staff work in close partnership with you to see your daughter flourish at school and beyond. Every teacher in the Junior School is responsible for student wellbeing, and all staff play a role in ensuring each student’s development and success.

What sets us apart is the wide range of opportunities available for young girls. Your daughter can learn an instrument; take part in Dance, Drama and the School production and learn how to start a simple business. She can participate in inter-school sport, concerts and the Chess Club. Trips and Tours are a highlight for many girls, as they take their learning outside the classroom and apply it in practical settings.

Korowa’s extension program, Mitre, introduces this group to Philosophy, STEAM and higher-level Mathematics.

We encourage our girls to engage with the world through a number of opportunities, challenging them to learn and experience success across a range of endeavours.

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