Korowa welcomes students from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Our international students find Korowa to be a warm and welcoming School, a School that values courage, respect, integrity and service. International students participate in all aspects of the School and leave Korowa with a more global perspective.

As there are usually more applications than available places, we encourage interested students to submit their applications at least one year prior to the proposed entry date. We offer a limited number of places to international girls each year from Year 7.

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To apply as an International Student, follow this simple process

Step 1 – Application

To apply for a place at Korowa please submit the following documentation through a Korowa approved Education Agent:

  1. Download and Complete the International Student Application Form
  2. Copy of passport
  3. Student’s latest school report, certified and translated in English
  4. AEAS test report (AEAS can be contacted through website: https://aeas.com.au/home/welcome/)
  5. $150 application fee

AEAS requirements

Year Level of EntryMinimum Application ScoreStanine Score
Year 7 – 1180 (4 – 8 weeks languages)Min 7

Step 2 – Interview/Offer

Korowa may request an enrolment interview. This can be arranged via Microsoft Teams if the student is overseas.

Where successful, Korowa will offer a place to the student via a formal written Enrolment Agreement.

Step 3 – Enrolment Confirmed

Parents accept the offer by:

  • Submitting the completed Enrolment Agreement and Acceptance Form
  • Paying the fees as outlined in the Enrolment Offer and Enrolment Agreement, this includes first semester’s fees and enrolment fee.

The Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment will be issued to the Education Agent to finalise the visa application once we have received evidence of the following:

  • Confirmation of student advocate arrangement
  • Confirmation of homestay arrangement
  • Confirmation of ELICOS enrolment (If required)

Step 4 – Prior to Commencement

Students undertake the required duration of English tuition as determined by the AEAS result. Students may sit a School English proficiency test as part of the Transition Program. Upon meeting the required level of English competency, as detailed in the Enrolment Offer and Student Agreement, the student will commence in the next available intake.

Accommodation & Student Advocate


Unless the student is living with a parent, a relative or a student advocate approved by Department of Home Affairs (DHA), it is expected that all International Students will reside in homestay arrangements which have been arranged and approved by Korowa.

It is Korowa’s preference that all international students are accompanied by a parent who holds a guardian visa in Australia.

Homestay FAQ

Student Advocate

All International Students attending Korowa who are not living with their parents are expected to have a student advocate who will act on the parent’s behalf in relation to school matters.


Homestay Policy
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