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At Korowa, we have a strong commitment to the development of values and behaviours that fosters the growth of independent and resilient children. The importance of supporting our children to build strong and positive relationships with others is a key part of this area of the curriculum.

In the Junior School, our classroom teachers are the initial providers of wellbeing support for each of their students. Our small class sizes allow teachers to know and understand each child as an individual. There is no doubt that the foundational relationship developed between classroom teachers and their students is one of Korowa’s greatest strengths.

In addition, every teacher in the Junior School holds the responsibility for student wellbeing and as such, all staff play a role in ensuring each student’s development and success.

At the beginning of each year, each Junior School class collaboratively develops a Class Agreement, which is a student driven document that outlines the expectations of all class members with regard to how they want to feel, and the behaviours central to them working together as a group. Our Class Meeting time gives each class the opportunity to check in with each other on a regular basis. This develops critical social-emotional skills and sets the learning agenda for the day and week ahead. This program brings students together in a cohesive and structured manner.

These programs are supported by Korowa’s Wellbeing Curriculum, a concept-based curriculum. At each year level, students build on the essential concepts of the Wellbeing Curriculum and engage in our Protective Behaviours Program, which assists students to understand their rights and responsibilities, appropriate to their developmental stage.