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Wellbeing: Years 3 to 5

In the Junior School, our expert Classroom Teachers facilitate both the academic and holistic development of our children and act as the first point of contact for both families and the network of staff working alongside each student.

Home-School Partnership

The importance of the home-school partnership is most evident here as our Classroom Teachers are the conduit between home life and School life.

We acknowledge and respect the crucial role that our parents play in their child's education.

By working together, we can work towards the best possible outcomes both academically and from a wellbeing perspective for each of our children.

Expert Teachers

Our small class sizes allow our Class and Specialist teachers the opportunity to know every one of our students as an individual and to treat them as such.

Our students experience a strong sense of belonging and have the opportunity to interact on a very personal level with both others in the class and their teachers as well as children in other year levels.

Our Staff actively seek out opportunities to build crucial skills in coping with setbacks and in the development of resilience. The concept of developing a growth mindset in our children and Teachers sits well in this domain.

Character Development Program

Central to the Korowa Junior School ethos is our Character Development Program, which begins with the youngest 3 year old children in our Early Learning Centre.

This structured Program allows for the exploration of a series of important character traits and values such as Respect and Responsibility.

These traits and values are discussed and incorporated across the Curriculum as appropriate.

Modelling of these characteristics by Staff and students are celebrated in our Assembly program. This Program is linked closely with our Class Charters, documents that are written by each class during the year to incorporate the shared values and expectations of each person in the class.

The involvement of all class members in this process builds a sense of ownership of the classroom and of the learning that takes place there.