Australia is currently in the midst of a mental health crisis as a result of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, which has created great uncertainty and accentuated the anxiety young people face while attempting to steer a passage through the turbulence of adolescence.  

At Korowa we are very aware of the challenges families face as they navigate these particularly difficult and uncertain times. Our Pop up Parenting Program, is just one of the programs in place to support our community. This program has never been more important in providing support to not only Korowa families, but the wider community through a series of relevant and topical educational seminars addressing issues that students and families are facing. 

We are delighted to welcome leading psychiatrist Dr Mark Cross, from the acclaimed ABC TV series ‘Changing Minds’, to present Learning to Thrive with Anxiety, an online session about stress and anxiety in young people as part of our Pop Up Parenting program. 

Mark is a consultant psychiatrist with thirty years’ experience, a senior university lecturer, and specialist in the mental health of young people. He graduated as a doctor in Cape Town, specialised in the UK, and has worked as a specialist in Sydney since 2005. He holds senior conjoint lecturer positions at the Universities of NSW and Western Sydney. 

Mark is the author of ‘Anxiety’ and co-author of ‘Changing Minds,’ both published by ABC Books/Harper Collins. Changing Minds went on to be a landmark ABC TV series. Mark suffered from anxiety his whole life, as did his mother and grandmother. This has given him direct insight into navigating life and work with this pernicious condition. 

In this presentation, Mark will share with families the impact that COVID-19 has had upon the mental health of young people and the best ways to identify symptoms of anxiety. Mark will provide sound guidance and practical advice. He will distinguish between stress and anxiety, and how parents and guardians can apply practical coping strategies to support their children. The significant role that the community plays in addressing anxiety will be explored as well as the importance of parental self-care during these challenging times. 

We invite you to join us for this informative online session. 

Live webinar details:
Date: Wednesday 14 July, 2021
Time: Online at 7pm
Venue: A viewing link will sent following registration
Click here to register.