On Friday 10 March 2023, the School community and distinguished guests gathered at St Paul’s Cathedral for the commissioning of Mrs Frances Booth as the 10th Principal of Korowa and our annual Founder’s Day Service.

Archbishop of Melbourne, the Most Reverend, Dr Philip Freier presided over the service. In attendance were Korowa’s staff, students, members of; School Council, the Korovian Club, the Korovian Foundation, Korowa Class representatives, representatives from Frances’ previous school, MLC, VIPs and her family and friends.

The congregation promised to work with Frances for the good of the Korowa community, and create an environment in which diversity is valued, participation is encouraged all faiths respected.

The service included items from our wind quartet, Chamber Strings, Koristers and the Dorrington Choir. Frances was also presented with gifts from the school including a photograph of Korowa’s sundial, a Red Wattle tree, a copy of And As We Journey, a photograph of one of the School’s youngest students walking with one of the oldest, the School candle, and the oldest school badge in Korowa’s archive collection.

The day will live in my memory, and I hope in the memories of every Korowa student, as one of joy, celebration, and love. It was truly a magnificent occasion but not because of the majesty. It was magnificent because of the contribution by so many members of our community, because of the care that had gone into the choosing of words, because of the music that had been practised to perfection, because of the planning of seating and movement that had been thoughtfully constructed. Every aspect of the day reflected the values of Korowa and its emphasis on community, kindness, respect and care for one another. – Frances Booth, Principal

Students, staff and guests were honoured to have played their part in acknowledging and celebrating this key moment in our School’s illustrious 133-year history.

Catherine Robson, Chair of School Council, said, “Frances is perpetually curious, asking ‘why’ more than any other adult I know, with a genuine hunger to understand and an ability to change her mind when presented with new information. She is courageous, always willing to try something new even when success is not guaranteed. She has the confidence to admit when she is wrong, and ability to apologise unreservedly without defensiveness. Finally, Mrs Booth is fierce, not just in the way that all principals are a little bit scary. But fierce in her commitment to protect each of you as students, fostering your unique gifts and creating the environment for you to excel. And fierce in her dedication to our staff embodied in her desire to empower each member of our team, encouraging each of you to back your judgement, and willing each of you to succeed.”

Like all those Principals who have come before her, Frances will make her mark as an educational leader. We are excited to support Frances in achieving her vision for Korowa.