Amy Paterson was a student from 1911- 1913 and later a much loved teacher of Biology and Domestic Science and leading member of staff. She was an early supporter of the Korovian Club. When she died tragically at Airey’s Inlet in 1937 the girls subscribed to funds to erect a sundial in her memory. Dedicated in 1938 many Korovians will remember the sundial standing for many years in the main driveway but it was later relocated to the garden due to building works. Further moves meant only the original sundial plate and plaque were saved when it featured along with the flagpoles in the front lawn. In 2018 a new sundial, based on the original images, was constructed and located with the plaque and plate in the Ranfurlie House garden. (This area also features a plaque giving thanks for the life of Reverend Beth Richards, former School Chaplain)