At Korowa, our Mission and Values provide the framework for delivering students a holistic education where they are supported to explore their passions, try new things and achieve their best.

Statement of Commitment

Korowa Anglican Girls’ School, underpinned by Anglican values, is a community that recognises the importance of and celebrates in the rich diversity of our community. Our School values of Courage, Respect, Integrity and Service allow for an environment in which the inclusion, safety and dignity of each member of the community is protected. Our commitment to creating an inclusive and safe environment is the responsibility of all members of the Korowa community. We commit to ongoing whole-school education to ensure that we continue to demonstrate a mutual respect and acceptance of all individuals regardless of race, culture, gender, identity or sexual preference.


Our Mission is to develop self-aware, confident and capable young women who understand their responsibility and capacity to influence the world in a positive way.


We believe in the power of Kindness and the values of courage, respect, integrity and service.

Be brave, respectful, honest, generous and above all be Kind.

Our values guide every decision we make, and are the standards to which we hold ourselves accountable.

  • Courage – to strive for success in learning and life
  • Respect – for Anglican values that promote authentic social responsibility
  • Integrity – in our conduct, relationships and leadership
  • Service – to our local, national and international communities


Korowa’s strategy provides the structure to support teaching and learning and the delivery of an outstanding education program.

Key elements:

  • The Place to connect
  • The Opportunity to excel
  • The Challenge to learn

Guiding Principles

Underpinning all that we do are five overall guiding principles:

  • A culture that encourages character and values that equip students to meet future opportunities and challenges.
  • Academic excellence within a meaningful journey of rich, diverse, future-focused and holistic learning experiences.
  • Staff are supported to develop their expertise and this commitment adds significantly to our students’ capacity to enjoy learning and embark on their chosen pathways.
  • A whole School Community strengthened by enduring relationships of trust and a shared vision.
  • Facilities that enhance the quality of our education and draw us together in celebration of our achievement.