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We are proud of our outstanding music program. The foundation of the music program is singing and students at all year levels are encouraged to become members of choirs.


Singing plays a key role at all Speech Nights and the Annual Concert. At these events, Korowa is very proud to present major choral works that involve all choirs from the Junior School to the Senior School performing together. In addition to whole school massed singing, our choirs have performed at the Annual Cathedral Service at St Paul’s Cathedral and for our local aged care residents.

Performing Ensemble

Every student at Korowa also has the opportunity to be involved in a performing ensemble. As part of the core curriculum, Korowa provides scheduled class time for instrumental tuition with specialist teachers at no extra cost in Years 2, 3, 5 and 6, setting the foundation for ongoing tuition at later years.

Instrumental Program

The Instrumental Program in Years 5 and 6 enables students to learn an instrument as part of the classroom program. With specialist teachers, students learn two instruments in Year 5 and one instrument in Year 6. The students gain ensemble performance experience through the Year 6 Band and String Ensemble.

In addition to these classroom programs, students are encouraged to learn an instrument or voice through the instrumental program that offers private and group tuition.

Tuition on all orchestra and band instruments is offered. Students may also enrol for Music Theory and Music Craft classes to enhance their playing.

At the end of Year 6, students are encouraged to take up private lessons through the instrumental music program. A Music Expo is held for Year 7 students at the beginning of the school year to enable students, including students new to Korowa, to try out various instruments with specialist teachers.

Instrumental Ensembles

Korowa offers a wide variety of ensembles that enable students to perform music of different styles as well as being part of groups to meet their ability and performance experience. Ensembles range from a full Symphony Orchestra to Stage Band, String Orchestra and chamber ensembles such as String Quartets. Korowa also offers ensembles for particular instruments, for example, cello ensemble.

Performance Opportunities

A wide variety of performance opportunities are offered to students. These range from the more casual Jazz Soiree, informal soirees and lunchtime concerts to performances at Assemblies and the formal Annual Concert and Speech Night. Students are encouraged to compose music for performance and to direct their own rehearsals of ensembles and choirs through the House Arts Festival and House Chorals Competition. These performances give students wonderful leadership opportunities and invaluable skills, becoming highlights of the musical calendar