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We are proud of our outstanding music program. The foundation of the music program is singing and students at all year levels are encouraged to become members of choirs.

Instrumental, Vocal and Theory Lessons

In addition to the classroom music program, which offers instrumental tuition for all Year 6 students, the instrumental program offers tuition individually and in pairs. Korowa prides itself on its high quality music staff who are specialists in their own instrument, to enable them to give students outstanding tuition and guidance. Tuition on all orchestra and band instruments is offered, including instruments that are not often selected, including trombone, viola, guitar and oboe. Students who learn an instrument, including voice, are expected to belong to an ensemble. Students may also enrol for Music Theory classes to enhance their playing.

Enrolment for lessons may be arranged at any time during the school year. A Music Expo is held for Year 7 students at the beginning of the school year to enable students to try out various instruments with specialist teachers. Enrolment forms are available through Konnect and the Music School.

In conjunction with the classroom music program, instrumental lessons provide a foundation for possible future VCE Music Performance study.


All students are encouraged to join the many ensembles which rehearse weekly and give students memorable, exciting performance opportunities as well as the opportunity to mix with students of different year levels and gain further recognition through the awards and music colours. Students who learn an instrument are expected to belong to an ensemble. Membership of ensembles, including choirs, is open to all students whether they learn in the school or privately. Korowa has a range of instrumental ensembles that cater for all levels of playing ability. These include different level concert bands, stage bands and string ensembles.

Performance Opportunities

A wide variety of performance opportunities are offered to students. These range from informal soirees and lunchtime concerts to performances at Assemblies and the formal Annual Concert, Cathedral Service and Speech Night. Students are encouraged to compose music for performance and to direct their own rehearsals of ensembles and choirs through the House Arts Festival and House Chorals Competition. These performances give students wonderful leadership opportunities and invaluable skills, becoming highlights of the musical calendar.

Music Tuition

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