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Korowa is committed to providing education opportunities for girls which nurture their unique talents and abilities. As part of this, we offer Academic, Music and General Excellence Scholarships to current and future students in Years 5 - 11.

Scholarship applications for 2018 are now closed.
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International students on full fee paying student visas are not eligible to apply for scholarships. 

Students currently in the following Year levels are eligible to apply for the 2018 scholarships:

  • Year 3 in 2016 may apply for Year 5, 2018 Scholarships
  • Year 4 in 2016 may apply for Year 6, 2018 Scholarships
  • Year 5 in 2016 may apply for Year 7, 2018 Scholarships
  • Year 6 in 2016 may apply for Year 8, 2018 Scholarships
  • Year 7 in 2016 may apply for Year 9, 2018 Scholarships
  • Year 8 in 2016 may apply for Year 10, 2018 Scholarships
  • Year 9 in 2016 may apply for Year 11, 2018 Scholarships

New students to Korowa
Join us at Korowa! We strongly encourage new students to visit the School before applying for a scholarship to experience Korowa. Please be aware that should the Principal offer your child a scholarship, acceptance is required within two business days of the offer together with the enrolment and holding fees. The School requires a holding fee of $2500 per scholarship place. This fee will be credited against Term 2 tuition fees in the year of entry. Should the student not take up the place, the application, enrolment and holding fees are non-refundable.

If you have any queries about the application process, please contact our Enrolments team: or phone +61 3 9811 0292

For further information about applying for a scholarship at Korowa, please download the guide below.