Korowa is thrilled to be participating in the prestigious Formula 1 in Schools Challenge, a global competition that offers students an engaging and exciting way to get involved in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths). The challenge requires teams to design, test and create miniature F1 cars capable of reaching speeds of up to 80km/hr. By working together, students learn to deploy CAD/CAM software to design, analyse, manufacture, test and ultimately race their compressed air powered F1 model block cars. It is the world’s most competitive STEM competition, involving over 17,000 schools in 44 countries worldwide. 

The competition offers students access to industry-standard design and manufacturing technologies, such as CAD/CAM software Autodesk Fusion 360, 3D printing, CNC milling, laser cutting and engraving, smoke tunnels, wind tunnels, computerised racetracks, and much more.  

F1 in Schools inspires students to use IT to learn about physics, aerodynamics, design, manufacturing, sponsorship, marketing, leadership/teamwork, media skills, and financial skills. The challenge encourages students to apply these skills in a practical, competitive, and exciting way, making it an excellent introduction to engineering and project management. It builds competency in engineering tools, formal communication skills within businesses, time management, teamwork, cooperation, and more, preparing students for future careers. 

Korowa’s students were invited to apply individually or in teams, explaining how they could accomplish their roles. This culminated in an inaugural 6 teams across Years 8-10. Korowa will conduct an internal selection competition at Big Day In, an annual celebration at Korowa, before selecting teams to progress to the state final. In preparation for the internal competition, students must market their teams and create posters showcasing their final design, while also designing and manufacturing their car in accordance with strict design regulations. Teams selected to enter the state final will continue to refine their cars while working closer with industry, eventually going through 3-4 manufacturing iterations. 

At higher competition levels, teams must have a complete trade booth, additional marketing materials, portfolios displaying the engineering process and drawings, and raise sponsorship and manage budgets to fund research, travel, and accommodation. Teams are assessed on how they accomplish all these tasks, and this forms a key component of the competition judging, along with the car design process. 

Last Tuesday, our teams visited Swinburne University of Technology, our manufacturing partner in F1 in Schools, for a workshop with Bridgette Engler, a Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship. Our teams engaged in short activities designed to encourage creativity, problem-solving, and generating ideas. They did team-building activities using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, which helped them collaborate, develop their teamwork skills, and test some lo-fi prototyping techniques. For example, teams were encouraged to use LEGO to build something that represents a time when teamwork didn’t go to plan and then rebuild it to make it successful. 

We invite you to come along to our Open Day on Saturday 1 April to see the racetrack in the library and our teams in action!