At Korowa, one of our goals is to prepare our students for their journey beyond school and thereby enable them to not only develop important life and work skills that will contribute to a satisfying career, but also to be socially minded and realise that their contribution can make a real difference to the community.

We believe that an important and significant step in this journey is the opportunity to discover, explore and learn about the world of work. Whilst the world is changing, work experience remains one of the most important milestones in developing curiosity, forging ambitions and shaping destinies.

Through experiencing the world of work our students learn about themselves, the practical aspects of the job at hand and importantly, they witness a whole different level of social interaction. Our students could learn about customer interaction, apply their digital skills, solve the practical day to day issues or develop their critical thinking through team-based problem solving. No matter what they do, it will all be new and will help prepare them for the increasingly complex world of work.

Today we are experiencing unprecedented challenges for our students to experience the world of work. We need your help! We would love to give our students the same opportunity you had during your time at Korowa, to gain exposure to the world of work, through the timeless experience gained through work placement.

If you are interested in offering a work experience placement to support one of our eager students to get started on their work journey through the opportunity of work experience, we would love to hear from you!

Please contact Ian Robertson, Alumni Manager via email or call 03 8808 8833 to discuss future opportunities.