We are pleased to present the VCE Results for our Class of 2022.

As a School, we are so proud of our Year 12 students, not only for their results today but for all their achievements. They have embodied the Korowa values of courage, respect, integrity and service and done so with grit, resilience and kindness.

In acknowledging the Class of 2022, we recognise the breadth of their accomplishments, at Korowa it is not just about the ATAR, our outstanding programs, staff and learning facilities provide students with the opportunity to do their best in all aspects of life.

“Our role was to prepare these students for the world ahead so that they can be a force for good, taking with them all they have learnt at school and striving always to do, and be, their personal best” – Mrs Frances Booth, Principal

The Class of 2022 leave the Korowa gates with many personal achievements, life skills and attributes – preparing them for their future, whatever that looks like. Principal, Mrs Frances Booth said, “The future is quite definitely, yours.”