All students from the Class of 2022 have received a tertiary offer in their area of interest. This remarkable group of young people has proven themselves to be driven, adaptable, and courageous in the pursuit of reaching their goals despite it being a particularly challenging past few years for this cohort. We are incredibly proud of our students for their hard work and contribution to Korowa. 

The Class of 2022 students have been offered a broad range of pathways to continue their further study  including the Degree Package in Bachelor of Design/Master of Construction Management at The University of Melbourne, the Bachelor of Vision Science/Master of Optometry at Deakin University, the Bachelor of Property and Valuation (Honours) at RMIT, the Bachelor of Film and Television at Swinburne University, the Bachelor of Wildlife and Conservation Biology at Deakin University and the Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Monash University to name a few, illustrating the diversity of their further study. 

“I am incredibly impressed not only by our students’ outstanding VCE results received late last year, but also about the diverse fields into which they are advancing at a variety of tertiary institutions across Australia. Their education at Korowa is the launch pad for a good life. We have encouraged and taught them to be curious, generous and purposeful individuals who are prepared to take on new challenges and step outside their comfort zones. I wish them all the very best for the future,” said Mrs Frances Booth, Principal. 

Fields of Education 

Biomedical Science/Biomedicine/Optometry/Pharmacy/Physio/
Nutrition Science/Paramedicine/Nursing/Midwifery/Health Science/
Wildlife and Conservation Biology/Exercise and Sport Science 



Arts 19% 
Design/Animation/Architecture 11% 
Medicine  2% 
Education  3% 
Business/Commerce/Event Management 16% 
Property and Valuation/Construction Management  2% 
PPE/Global Studies/Law/Criminology 10% 
Screen Production/Film & Television/Media & Communication  5% 
Engineering  7% 
IT/Computer Science  3% 

*Figures have been rounded to the nearest percentage 

Tertiary Offers by Institution 

The University of Melbourne39%
Monash University34%
Swinburne University11%
Deakin University6%
Australian Catholic University (ANU)2%
Interstate Institutions (NSW, ACT and QLD)17%