Our Annual VCE Art and Design Exhibition is where we celebrate the work of students in VCE Art, Studio Arts and Visual Communication and Design. This year, we partnered with Monash Museum of Modern Art (MUMA) to pivot to a virtual Art Exhibition. Thanks to the people at MUMA and the resilience and hard work of our staff and students. The Korowa community is able to experience the 2021 VCE Art and Design Exhibition from home.

The exhibition showcases works from our VCE students, and is a wonderful collection of pieces that are a culmination of dedication in this challenging year. Congratulations to all students involved.

Thank you to the people at the Monash Museum of Modern Art, who have supported us on our virtual journey and have enabled this exhibition to occur in their virtual space.

We are pleased to invite you to view this year’s exhibition here.


Robyn Price Art Acquisition Award

Congratulations to Bethany J for her pen drawing ‘figure’.

Jan Miller Design Acquisition Award

Congratulations to Olivia G for her extensive design folio.