Artist-in-Residence Glenn Romanis was commissioned in 2000 to design and produce components of a garden dedicated to Reconciliation for the courtyard of the planned new Cripps Centre. Working with the students the objectives were to create a meeting place with sculpture celebrating the passing on of skills by Wurundjeri women, to create an outdoor area for reflection and to realise an innovative concept within the school community. The garden features a central digging stick, two oval coolamons, mosaics by the students, red gum seats and native planting. It was dedicated in 2002 by Dr. John Wilson as “a place of reflection and a place where all can pause and reflect inspired by the knowledge and values that have been passed within these walls. The concept is inspired by the work of indigenous women throughout Australia”.

A Decommissioning Ceremony for the Reconciliation Garden was held in June 2020 as it was scheduled to be relocated due to the ongoing building works.

In 2022, the Reconciliation Garden was relocated to the front of the Sports and Wellbeing Centre on Ranfurlie Crescent. Original features of the garden, the digging stick and red gum seats have been retained, whilst the mosaics which were unable to be replaced in their original form have been omitted.