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Knowing every student

Knowing every student as an individual is essential to the provision of wellbeing at Korowa. We hold the belief that at every stage of her development, each girl's academic success is reliant upon positive holistic wellbeing. We believe that our students experience stable wellbeing when they have the psychological, social and physical resources they need to meet a particular challenge both within and beyond the learning environment, and when students have more challenges than resources, the seesaw dips, along with their wellbeing, and vice-versa.

Dedicated to every student

We are dedicated to knowing and working with each girl and her family to ensure that as she negotiates the challenges of each phase of learning, she has the skills, attributes and resources she needs to enable her to experience positive academic, social, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing in an integrated and successful way.

In short, we work to ensure that as each girl experiences the challenges of childhood, adolescence and young adulthood; she has the support she needs to keep her balanced and steady.

At Korowa, student wellbeing is a shared responsibility amongst all staff; however, at every phase of learning from the Early Years to VCE, there is a team of staff dedicated to ensuring that each girl has access to the resources she needs to grow and develop into a confident, resilient and capable young woman. In each area of the School, our committed teams of wellbeing leaders work to develop positive relationships with girls and their families, and monitor and support student wellbeing on a group and individual basis.

The Wellbeing Curriculum

In order to ensure that our students can achieve academic and personal success at each phase of their learning journey at Korowa, our students engage with a wellbeing curriculum that is responsive to our students' developmental needs. In the Early and Junior Years this primarily takes the form of the Character Development Program which see our youngest learners regularly exploring and discussing a range of universally accepted values. In the Middle School our girls participate in the Learning for Leading Program which enables our girls to build personal and social capabilities so they develop sound relationship skills and effective learning habits to successfully navigate this transition. The skills developed through this program are practised in all subjects across each year level.

The Personal Development Program

Our most senior learners participate in the Personal Development Program. This Program ensures our Senior School girls have the opportunity to engage with a range of concepts and key issues that affect the lives of contemporary young women.

The Personal Development curriculum challenges our girls to consider the ways in which they can begin to take more control of, and responsibility for, all elements of their young adult lives. Each phase of the wellbeing program is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure relevance, rigour, continuity, and an equity of experience.

Belonging is essential to positive wellbeing, and at Korowa, key to this is each girl's connection to her House. Participation in House events is an important element of the Korowa experience and each girl from Prep to Year 12 is expected to give of herself to her 'School family' of Akehurst, Clarke, Jamieson or Wilkinson House through participation in some or all of the sports, music, drama, debating, fun and fundraising House activities on offer.

The House system provides invaluable opportunities for girls to be enterprising and to demonstrate leadership and teamwork, whilst organising and participating in House events and fundraising activities. House activities allow girls to enhance and demonstrate a broad range of talents; contribute to the School and the wider community; and, develop meaningful and long lasting relationships with peers and staff from across Prep - Year 12.

Online Wellbeing Resources

Korowa’s SchoolTV is an ongoing online resource for Korowa Parents addressing major wellbeing topics with expert interviews, fact sheets, parent quizzes, recommended apps, books and much more. SchoolTV aggregates information from many great resources such as BeyondBlue and ReachOut, amongst others. SchoolTV provides a single stream of independent factual information that includes valuable insights from experts in their field including Ian Hickie OAM, Elizabeth Scott, Susan McLean, Associate Professor Jane Burns, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, and many more.

To access SchoolTV and learn more about this resource, please use the link: korowa.vic.schooltv.me

Each month the topics change, so check regularly.