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Innovation, imagination and individuality are synonymous with the Visual Arts at Korowa Anglican Girls’ school.

As a learning community we promote the notion that creativity and creative thinking can be cultivated in each and every student and can in turn, link to all subject areas.

Dr Michael Anderson, Associate Professor Faculty of Education Sydney University is one of many researchers who like us at Korowa, believe that creativity is not only an innate human trait accessible to everyone, but perhaps even more importantly, that creativity is a skill that can be taught. With this belief underpinning the whole of the Visual Arts program, we strive as Art educators to invest in an organic and multi-faceted program that changes and evolves as the needs of our students emerge, transform and progress.

The Learning Journey

Our art learning journey begins as a celebration of each individual through the "hundred languages" integral to the Reggio Emilia philosophy integral to our ELC. Art and Design is offered as a core component of the school curriculum from Preparatory to Grade Five in the Junior School, Year Six to Year Eight in the Middle School and through to Year 9 of the Senior School.

A commitment to offering students the prospect of involvement in a wide variety of art forms, skills and techniques has been integral to maintaining excellent results and positive experiences in our subject.

Photography, Design and Moving Images

Photography, Design and the Moving Image all of which include various aspects of digital learning are only some of the additional electives offered to our Year 9 and 10 cohort. In Year 10 students can select from a broad range of Art and Visual Communication Design electives and by VCE girls draw on rich and protean experience to hone, specialise and concentrate on a their very personal Art and Design experience.

An Essential Part of Learning

No Art endeavour is ever solitary and while we encourage independent research, thinking, responding and making in the Arts, the value of collaboration is never underestimated. A pivotal goal of the Visual Arts department is to provide an environment where working with others is encouraged and valued as part of learning.

Our commitment to providing quality learning in the Arts assists in building in our students a tolerance for meeting and enjoying new challenges and for building a growth mind-set which emphasises the relationship between effort and attainment. This, we believe is essential to learning in the 21st Century.