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At Korowa we provide a contemporary model of language learning in the context of current in-country experiences.

Language is power. Language learning unlocks social interactions, cross-cultural understanding and gives our graduates a competitive advantage on the global stage. 

At Korowa, we emphasise the importance of learning at least one language to Year 12 and strongly encourage the learning of two languages. Language learning is a challenging and rewarding experience which broadens students’ horizons and exposes them to personal, social, and employment opportunities in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world.

The languages offered at Korowa are Chinese, French, German and Japanese.

Students begin studying German from Prep and continue until the end of Year 6.

From Year 7 and 8, students can select any two languages from Chinese, French, German and Japanese. At least one language is continued at Year 9, but students are encouraged to study two. At Year 9, students may commence a new language from the four offered at Korowa. 

In Years 10 and 11, students are able to take up an exchange opportunity overseas to enhance their language studies.