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Information Technology Information Technology

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Our use of learning technologies is embedded within teaching and learning.

We use information and learning technologies to support students to be successful learners who are creative, confident, inquisitive and engaged citizens.

Students at all levels within the School use technology on a daily basis. From iPads and robotics in the Junior School, to the personal computer program in Year 6 onwards, teachers and students make effective use of powerful learning tools each day.

Learning Management System

‘Konnect’, our dynamic learning management system, enables anywhere, anytime learning so students can use their personal computers to connect with others and to continue their learning inside and outside school hours.

Teaching Personal Safety

The use of technology is balanced with the need to ensure our students understand the importance of maintaining their personal safety online. We actively teach aspects of cyber safety at all levels of the school.

Whether using technology in the classroom, at work or at home our students are learning the importance of behaving ethically and responsibly. Our ICT Policy states our expectations of use and that there are repercussions for misuse of technology.

An essential component of our Cyber-safety and Cyber-citizenship program is assisting our students to form a positive online presence or digital footprint which will assist them in achieving their educational, professional and personal goals at Korowa and beyond.

We also offer a Coding Club to our students in Junior School and Middle School in which our students build projects to create animations and games. Our students enjoy building their programming skills as they move through the projects.

Learning Technologies

Students utilise technology to enhance their learning from Prep to Year 12. In Prep to Year 4, students use iPads and apps at School and from Years 5 to 12, students have access to their own laptop. 

Years 5 - 12 students use laptops purchased through the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Portal. Click here for specifications. 

During the transition into the BYOD Program, Years 9 and 12 students have access to a fully maintained laptop and software provided by the School for use at school and at home.