Korowa Trek

Korowa Trek Korowa Trek

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The Korowa Trek is a unique wilderness adventure, which enhances the lives of our Year 9 girls.

Our Trekkers complete a 30 day journey from Mansfield, at the base of the Victorian Alps, to Ninety-Mile Beach. They travel by foot, bike and raft, carrying all that they need. They are challenged to live and work together in a small community of girls in what, at times, is a remote environment, for an extended period of time.

The Trek Experience

Trek provides our girls with experiences, which will help them to develop the skills that allow them to make positive life decisions and cope with our ever-changing world. Fundamentally, Trek is about young women living and working together in a small community, in a semi-wilderness environment for an extended period of time.

Trek encourages the development of each girl’s individual self-esteem and self-concept, community living skills, leadership skills and our relationship with ourselves, one another and with the natural environment.

Trekkers camp out, cook their own food, manage basic first aid needs and carry their own belongings. Additionally, the girls are required to negotiate the personal hygiene challenges presented during the extended 4 to 5 week experience and to demonstrate foresight and resilience to ensure that they remain healthy and engaged throughout the journey.

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