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Debating reaps enormous intellectual and social rewards.

Korowa's debating program develops confidence in public speaking and interviews, heightens the ability to analyse and research topics, bolsters essay writing skills and sharpens the ability of the girls to think on their feet.

By engaging with contemporary moral, social and political issues, debating promotes advocacy and responsible citizenship in students. It is great fun, enabling the girls to meet many talented students from other regional schools.

Debating Association of Victoria

Korowa is an active participant of the Debating Association of Victoria (DAV) Schools Competition in which approximately 200 schools and 1,125 teams compete. It is the largest competition of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

School teams range in age and experience from Year 8 to Year 12. Each year, there are usually between 14 and 16 Korowa teams of about six girls. Year 7s can participate in competitions in Term 4 in a training capacity whilst years 8 to 12 train for competitive debates once a week during the DAV season. Their debates are held in the evening. Finalist teams continue with more debates until they are knocked out the competition. In some of the debates, the students know the topic well in advance, whilst in others they only get and hour’s notice, just to give the competition a little more ginger.

House Debates

House debates are held in Term 3 and are open to girls from Years 10 to 12 and a Middle School debating competition is also held each year. There is also the annual Korowa versus St Kevin's exhibition debate to attract recruits as well as the odd Teacher Vs Student competition.

Everyone who wishes to be involved in debating is encouraged to do so. There are no prerequisites other than a desire to do as well as possible, a willingness to work constructively with others and capacity to have plenty of fun.

Please contact the Debating Co-ordinator (via Reception) for further information.