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Wellbeing: Years 9 to 12

In the Senior School, the House system provides the framework through which we deliver our wellbeing program.

School Houses

Each girl belongs to one of our four houses, Akehurst, Clarke, Jamieson and Wilkinson House, and she enjoys daily interaction with her House Tutor and House peers.

House Tutors work closely with our House Co-ordinators and other key wellbeing staff to monitor the academic and social progress of each girl.

Our House Tutors share relationships with our girls and their families that are built on trust and mutual respect. The relationships are critical to each girl's successful negotiation of our rigorous and challenging Senior School Program.

Personal Development Programs

Essential to the holistic development of our Senior School girls is participation in the Personal Development, Careers Education and Religious Education Programs. In Personal Development, girls have the opportunity to engage with a range of concepts and key issues that affect the lives of contemporary young women.

We challenge our girls to consider the ways in which they can begin to take more control of, and responsibility for, all elements of their young adult lives.

In Personal Development, girls have access to a range of experts and educators from within and beyond the Korowa community who are dedicated to assisting our girls to develop the habits for life, including self-management, self-efficacy and proactive and protective behaviours, that will prepare them well for the challenges of the final years of Senior School, as well as life beyond Korowa.