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Learning: Year 7 and 8

Co-Curricular and Experiential Learning

The Cripps Program builds character through experiential learning and a structured wellbeing program. Your daughter will undertake many programs designed to foster curiosity and learning beyond the classroom. Excursions take place around Victoria; co-curricular programs develop fitness, creativity and confidence; and the interstate Trips and Tours program has been developed for this age group. The Year 7 Northern Territory and Year 8 Cairns Eco-Tour, and most co-curricular programs, are all included in the School fees.

The middle years are a critical growth period and can be challenging for girls as they navigate the emotional, physical and social changes of childhood and adolescence.

Korowa’s Cripps Program responds to these needs with a strong focus on relationship and character building.

Your daughter will be supported by our Wellbeing Team, and develop her own skills through Personal Development classes, and the Wellbeing Program. In the Cripps Centre, girls are encouraged to have solution-based conversations.

At Year 7 the Wellbeing Program focuses on creating solid foundations, and navigating high school friendships, and at Year 8 the focus is on collaboration, leadership and goal setting. Your daughter can rely on her community of peers in the Cripps Centre, with many mixed year programs scheduled throughout the year. A new integrated leadership program offers students the chance to have a stronger voice in their education, and is modelled on the Senior School Student Representative Council.


Throughout the Cripps Program, girls are given opportunities to explore their interests and investigate a wider range of subject pathways, before specialising in their Senior years. New subjects such as Technology and Enterprise and Dance have become popular additions, responding to the contemporary interests of students.

Students are encouraged to take an interest in STEAM, and many students look forward to the optional Year 7 and 8 Trip to ‘Space School’ in the USA, or participate in after-class workshops in Korowa’s STEAM Lab including digital filmmaking, 3D Printing and robotics.

Both inside and outside the classroom, the Cripps Program creates a safe learning environment for girls to discover their own abilities and strengths, with enough challenges to build resilience and a strong sense of achievement.