Cripps Years

Cripps Years Cripps Years

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Years 7 to 8

Years 7 and 8 are pivotal in your daughter’s development as a learner and socially-minded person. At Korowa, our Cripps Program and dedicated Cripps Centre are designed especially for the unique needs of this age group.

Girls in Year 7 can be both excited and nervous about change, and our transition program aims to prepare them for their first year of Senior School. Orientation days in Year 6 are followed by Trips and Tours (School Camp) in the first weeks of Year 7, allowing students to bond through new experiences. The transition program is complemented by an ongoing wellbeing program which continues throughout Senior School.

As your daughter progresses through the Cripps Centre she will have opportunities to learn an instrument, perform in the bi-annual Cripps Production and participate in a diverse range of team and individual sports. Girls are encouraged to try new things, and as a small school, your daughter can find a place on multiple sporting teams.