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Learning: Years 3 to 6

As our girls move into this next stage of their learning, we are able to implement a broader and deeper curriculum that allows the students the opportunity to build meaning and refine their understandings across a range of subjects.

Ideas of a more abstract nature are introduced and the girls are encouraged and supported to take responsible ‘risks’ with their learning to achieve set goals. 

We aim to develop the following characteristics of a learner:  

  • self confidence in their ability to learn
  • pleasure in solving problems
  • growing trust in their own judgement
  • less fear of being wrong
  • less haste in answering questions
  • flexibility in their own point of view
  • respect for facts and the ability to distinguish between facts and opinion
  • less need for final answers to all questions.

The girls experience further development in the co-curricular, wellbeing and leadership programs in this part of the Junior School. They are presented with School experiences that will encourage growing independence, responsibility, leadership and resilience. Transition activities are carefully structured to prepare the girls for their move into the middle years at the end of Year 6.