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Year 3 to Year 5

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ELC - Year 6

In the Junior School your daughter develops her first love of learning, building a solid foundation in areas of social and emotional wellbeing and, academic knowledge and skills. It’s in her first years of school that she learns that school is a wonderful place to be.

A School for Girls

What sets Korowa’s Junior School apart is the wide range of opportunities, designed especially for young girls.

Your daughter can learn an instrument; take part in Dance, Drama and the School Production; be a Kidpreneur and learn how to start a simple business; and participate in inter-school sport, concerts and the Chess Club. Trips and Tours are a highlight for many girls, as they take their learning outside the classroom and apply it in practical settings.

Korowa’s Mitre extension program introduces girls to Philosophy, STEAM and higher level Mathematics. We will encourage your daughter to engage with the world through all the avenues available to her, challenging her to learn and experience success across a range of endeavours.

A Supportive and Small School

In Korowa’s Junior School, we strive to provide the best learning environment possible. Our class sizes enable our teachers to develop a strong relationship with your daughter and provide individual support. Our staff are able to work in close partnership with you to see your daughter flourish at school and beyond. Every teacher in the Junior School is responsible for student wellbeing, and all staff play a role in ensuring each student’s development and success.

With Her from Day One to Graduation

From the beginning, your daughter will be welcomed to Korowa as a ‘Korowa girl’. The ‘Big Girls’ are always welcoming to younger Korowa girls, whether they be a Year 12 student or a Junior School buddy. A strong thread is developed between Junior and Senior School, through common areas, Assemblies and traditions which are introduced to the Junior girls by the Seniors.

This continuity helps girls navigate through their schooling and builds a ‘Korowa girl’ common identity which the girls embrace. The emphasis at Korowa is on providing a continuous connection and a smooth transition through the Junior and Senior years.

A Well-Rounded Citizen

Our School has a strong commitment to the development of values and behaviours that foster the growth of independent and resilient children. The importance of supporting our children to build strong and positive relationships with others is a key part of this area of the curriculum.

Our values of courage, respect, integrity and service live within our community and underpin all that we do. As girls move from the Early Years to their next stage of learning from Years 3 to 6, we are able to implement a broader and deeper curriculum that allows students the opportunity to build meaning and refine their understandings across a range of subjects. Ideas of a more abstract nature are introduced and the girls are encouraged and supported to take responsible ‘risks’ with their learning to achieve set goals. 

The girls experience further development in the co-curricular, wellbeing and leadership programs as they progress through the Junior School. They are presented with School experiences that will encourage growing independence, responsibility, leadership and resilience. Transition activities are carefully structured to prepare the girls for their move into the Cripps middle years after completing Year 6.