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Wellbeing: ELC 3yo to Year 2


At Korowa we treasure the sense of belonging. Our small class sizes give our teachers the chance to know what makes each student special and to cater to their individual needs. 
This sense of belonging extends beyond the classroom as our children interact with other teachers and students across the Early Learning Centre and Junior School.  It will make you smile when you visit Korowa and everyone greets each other. The feeling of being somebody important and part of a community is clearly evident.

A calm and safe environment

Clapping and singing are used to gather the attention of the group and create a calm and happy place to learn. Joyful shouting we leave for outdoor play.

We are not afraid of mistakes and challenges. Our staff actively seek out opportunities for our students to build skills in coping with setbacks and trying again. A growth mindset naturally develops in an environment where effort is actively encouraged. 

Developing Character

Our character begins to develop from birth so we begin exploring character traits even with our youngest students. Values such as respect and responsibility are discussed and incorporated across the curriculum. It’s never too early to practise kindness and good manners.

Open and Accessible

Our Classroom Teachers act as the central contact for each child’s family. We encourage parent communication and welcome feedback to ensure our children thrive, both academically and emotionally.