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The ELC is a stimulating learning environment with a
curriculum that prepares children for school. The curriculum
is designed to help children discover their abilities, grow their
confidence and learn the foundations. Each day they foster
skills that develop independence and making choices about
their learning.

Each term, a different integrated learning unit is introduced
based on the big ideas, such as sustainability and learning
about yourself. This is based on the Early Years’ Framework -
Being, Belonging, Becoming - which investigates the world
around us.

Each week, children participate in specialist programs
including Art, Music, Physical Education and Library visits.
Specialist subjects introduce children to new disciplines, vital
components of the curriculum at Korowa.


At the 3-year-old level, the ELC’s developmental program
focuses on helping young children leave their parents;
individual children working and playing alongside each other
in parallel play; following teacher direction; the introduction
of specialist subjects and teachers; encouraging children to
ask lots of questions within structured classes under teacher
direction; rest time provided.

Our 4-year-old program provides a rich learning experience
where children form strong connections; are introduced to the
foundations for Literacy and Numeracy; learn to work together
and independently, and investigate and problem solve,
through developing critical and creative thinking skills.

The program focuses on developing a greater sense of
personal responsibility; developing an area of interest and
investigating it in greater depth; and more structured and
timetabled activities. 

Children reflect on their learning in a more formal fashion,
approach activities with a more specific learning initiative,
have greater involvement in decision making and leadership
opportunities, and learn to engage with technology.