Women working in the Games Industry

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By Stephanie Chung, Korowa's STEAM Futurist

Recently, Girl Geek Academy - a social impact group to get more women and girls into technology - hosted SheHacksGames High workshop. Two students from Korowa Anglican Girls’ school attended the event to meet women in the games industry, learn about the different roles in industry, and test the games made by women during the SheHacksGames Game Jam - the first all women hackathon to create a game.  

“Making a game isn’t just coding. There are lots of smaller branches in design or business you can specialize in as well,” Sasha, a Korowa year 11 student who attended on the day said. She has always had an interest in playing games and gained an insight into how she could turn her passion into a career at the workshop. “I met lots of great people from the games industry and it was a good foot in to get to know them. The atmosphere was really collaborative, informative and I wish there were more programs like this.”

The success of SheHacksGames in supporting women who want to pursue a career in games inspired the SheHacksGames High workshop. It was created as a response to local Victorian schools seeking to have students engage more with STEM and the games industry. The day-long workshop taught the girls how to use design thinking to create game mechanics using rapid prototyping and peer learning.

“I’ve been studying Unity to learn how to develop games but it was really cool to know you could use User Experience Design or marketing for games too,” Bridget, another Korowa student who attended the SheHacksGames High workshop. “Definitely a good experience. Even if you’re not good at tech, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll learn. I can’t wait to do more.”