The Year in Review

The Year in Review The Year in Review

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As part of Korowa’s mission to develop self-aware, confident and capable young women, girls have many leadership opportunities available to them at every level of the School. Girls can undertake formal Portfolio Captain roles or have the chance to lead projects or teams. For our Junior School Portfolio Captains, 2017 was especially busy and fulfilling. Here they share some of their reflections on the past year.

Gabby Hornsby and Olivia Spencer, Junior School Captains

When we first started our roles, we knew it was going to be an amazing year, but that it was not going to be easy. At first, we were a bit nervous but after running our first Assembly we were proud of ourselves and excited to do more.

Throughout the year, we were excited to work with Miss Barker and to hold SRC meetings where we could listen to the ideas of our fellow students. By Term 3, we were helping to run Assemblies, writing our own speeches and had learnt a lot about having a growth mindset. One of our biggest achievements was helping with the Cerebral Palsy Education Centre (CPEC) fundraiser. We all learnt that helping people and giving them support is a noble thing to do and they might not be as lucky as we are.

Term 4 was jam packed and we had to make the most of every second. This term we realised that being a leader is not about the badge you wear, it’s about the values you have. Speech Night was nerve wracking, but it was an amazing night to finish the year.

We wish the Junior School captains for 2018 all the luck in the world. We would like to thank all the amazing people who helped us throughout our journey. Even though we are sad to be leaving the Junior School this all has been an amazing experience and we will never forget it.

Cassandra Barker, SRC Captain

Wow! What an incredible year I’ve had as the first ever SRC Portfolio Captain! The SRC Committee, Gabby, Olivia, Miss Barker and I have worked on projects such as Earn and Learn, and developing Playground rules to keep people safe. I enjoyed meeting the new younger girls joining the committee each term, and have made some little friends. I really only became SRC Captain, when the teachers were deciding on other captain positions. They realised that Olivia and Gabby were from two different classes, but this year there was a third class! Who would be a reporter for SRC for 5JB? The answer; ME!

I have had such an incredible time this year, and hope there will be other SRC Portfolio Positions like this for future leaders of the Junior School.

Isobel Goncalves and Grace Ye, Junior School Akehurst House Captains

This year has been really amazing.  We have learnt how to run House meetings and have grown in confidence. At the start of the year, we didn’t have the courage to run a meeting or know how to talk to the Prep to 5 girls. We have learnt much more that we thought we would ever be able.

It was fun to participate in the Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country carnivals. We also enjoyed organising a fundraiser. It was a lot of effort and we improved our ability to work as a team, raising funds for charity.

2017 was the second year of House Singing and we started House Dance this year. It was great fun. Teaching the girls a song and dance moves was challenging, but with persistence we got there.

Through the whole-school House meetings and the House Captains lunch, we got to know the Senior and Middle School House Captains. Good luck to the 2018 Akey Captains.

 GO Akey!

Lily de Zwart and Elina Qu, Junior School Clarke House Captains

What an awesome year we have had. Clarke girls have always shared fun together. We participated in House Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics. This year, we incorporated House Dance to accompany the House Singing event introduced last year. It was hard to select a song and teach the girls the moves. During House meetings, girls have enjoyed playing games and completing activities with their buddies. We also have been working on our song and dance routine. We have seen so much spirit during these times and everyone has offered encouragement and support to one another. House chants are popular as well. We raised funds through a dance-a-thon. We attended a House Captains lunch with the Middle and Senior School House Captains, which was a highlight. It’s been a fun year.


Hannah Kirton and Anh Ly, Junior School Jamieson House Captains

This year has been a whirlwind of fun. At the start of the year, we were very nervous, but we have gained a lot of confidence through our experiences along the way. The House sports events were amazing and we loved the opportunity to support and encourage all Jamie girls. We were fortunate enough to win the House Cup at the three sports carnivals. Later in the year, we experienced working with the Akehurst House Captains and School Captains to plan our fundraiser. We were excited to take part in the first ever House Dance competition and it was thrilling to teach all of the Jamieson girls our dance and song. It really tested our courage to stand up in front of all the girls as leaders. We have had the most fantastic experience and have grown so much as leaders and as people. We wish all the best to the Jamieson Captains for 2018!

Maria Katsimadakos and Grace Kerr, Junior School Wilkinson House Captains

WOW! What a year it has been. The House sporting carnivals were amazing and true to the spirit of Wilkinson girls, everybody has participated with enthusiasm. The Wilky and Clarke fundraiser was a big success and a great learning experience working with and arranging activities for students of different ages.  In the beginning, we found House meetings challenging, but with the support of all the Wilkinson girls, they were a great success. It has been an honour to serve as the 2017 House Captains. Through House meetings we have become confident public speakers.  A highlight this year was the introduction of House Dance. It was lots of fun and everyone enjoyed this new change. This was also the first year we shared a House lunch with the Middle and Senior House Captains. It was a great experience, even though it was a little nerve-wracking talking to the older girls.

Good luck to the 2018 House Captains and we know you’ll do a great job.


Ellie Xu and Charlotte Hedges, Junior School Art Captains

This year, as Art Captains, we have had so much fun helping to excite the children in the Junior School about art.

During Art Club we would play with the younger students and have lots of fun with the older students. We truly think that this year all of the students have unlocked their artistic potential.

The ELC 3 and ELC 4 children enjoyed making monsters, aliens and crazy creatures for the ELC Art Show in Term 3. Throughout the year the Prep students have been busy exploring colours, shapes and textures using lots of different materials. A visit to the Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia art gallery was a real highlight for Year 1 and 2 students. In Year 3, students learnt about Asian Art and how to work with bamboo brushes and inks.

Year 4 students made some wonderful paintings and clay sculptures of iconic buildings and houses in Melbourne. The Year 5 classes tried to make a difference to the world through their Environmental Art; producing some beautiful coral sculptures and linoprints of endangered species.

A special thanks to our art committee members that have made all of the fun and quirky ideas spring to life!

Julia Rogers and Zara James, Junior School Library Captains

It has been a pleasure to be the Library Captains this year, we have had lots of fun doing everything from the Book Week Competition to the 100 Word Story Contest. Our committee members have helped us organise bigger competitions like May Madness to smaller ones like Guess the Book in the Jar.

In Term 1, we commenced our Book Club. Later on, we transformed this into an origami club and we made some masu boxes.

In Term 2, we held May Madness, a competition to find the most popular book. After some close votes, we declared Matilda the winner!

In Term 3, we had the Book Week Parade where each class chose a different book to dress up from. Also memorable was the Door Contest. After a vote from the teachers, 5GW were declared champions! We have had many good memories in the Library, and we are sure to have more.

We are enjoying our final term, Term 4, as captains and wish next year’s captains good luck!

Mariah Pezos and Kim Vuong, Junior School International Captains

This year has been an incredible experience that we will never forget. When we found out that we were chosen as International Captains, we were so excited that we were given this unbelievable role. Eva Huang, Senior School International Captain, and the Junior School International Committee have been extremely kind and helpful. To lead the Junior School as Co-International Captains and to help everyone was an amazing experience. The highlights of this year for us were the Indigenous Poetry and Drawing Competition and the International Rotations. During the competition, we were very proud to see the high standard of work and how much talent the Junior School girls have. Eva set us many goals that we never thought we could achieve. She has been a fantastic mentor and as Co-Captains we worked with each other to reach our goals. Being International Captains has allowed us to work with other students in acknowledging, understanding and respecting the many diverse cultures and nationalities represented at Korowa.

Jacqueline Deng and Verity Lam, Junior School Music Captains

This year, girls from Years 3 to 5 had the opportunity to perform at several school events, including the Annual Cathedral Service and the Annual Concert. Junior School students from the Donald Redding Orchestra, Amadeus Strings and Menuhin Orchestra performed at the Annual Concert. Still, how can we forget the fun and spectacle of the Junior School Production of The Little Mermaid JR?

The Junior School Choir, Mini Singers and Donald Redding Orchestra also performed at the Mothers’ Day Breakfast and Early Years’ Assemblies have also showcased the musical talents of our Early Years children. Some of us have also had the opportunity to perform at the Singers’ and String Soirees as well as Junior School Assemblies.  

We have enjoyed being the Junior School Music Captains of 2017. This year would not have been the same without our dedicated Music Committee members and our mentor, Ms Killackey. We wish next year’s Junior School Music Captains an equally successful year.

Rhea Antony and Mahala Moseley, Junior School Social Service Captains

We have been fortunate to be the Junior School Social Service Captains for 2017. We have had much fun and there have been many highlights.

Our first was the collection of an amazing variety of non-perishable food for Dixon House at Easter time. These were donated to those in need.

Another fantastic highlight was the Dance-a-thon, raising money for CPEC (Cerebral Palsy Education Centre). We organised this with the Wilkinson and Clarke House Captains (and teachers).

The girls learnt about different ways children with this cerebral palsy go about their daily lives. Altogether we raised $704.

Finally, we had our annual collections for Cottage by the Sea and the Salvation Army. The girls donated a range of presents, food and goods.

We have had a great but busy year and we pass our good luck on to the 2018 Social Service Captains.

Annabelle Glover and Chloe Corcoran, Junior School Sports Captains

We have had a great year in sport! We have run many lunchtime activities including tag games for Prep to Year 2 and basketball activities for Years 3 to 5. Celebrating National Health and PE day was a big highlight. The whole Junior School participated in a ‘Just Dance’ session in the gym. Then, at Lunch, the Year 12 leaders and the Sports Committee ran activities on the Junior Courts. At the SSV District events, we have shown our Korowa spirit and have come out with incredible results. If it weren’t for all the girls’ dedication shown at training for District Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics, we wouldn’t have had such outstanding results. Another highlight was the Walkathon because it was fun and the whole school came together and participated. We donated to the ‘We’ campaign and raised $472! We have had fun this year!

Arica Mane and Alice Roxborough-Judd, STEAM Captains

This year our fun and exciting activities have helped the Junior School students’ understand more about STEAM. STEAM incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. Some of our activities included light up Father's Day Cards, playing with Dash and Sphero robots and building contraptions with parachutes. We also built a Rube Goldberg machine which was made of recycled materials and set off a chain reaction of objects.

We encourage all Junior School students to join STEAM club in 2018 for more exciting activities.

Christina Clemow and Ebony Joyce, Junior School Sustainability Captains

As the 2017 Junior School Sustainability Captains, we have had a wonderful experience working with our Committee members Eliza Xu and Lilian Chen and our amazing mentor Ms Harris. We loved organising World Turtle Day and Nude Food Day in Term 2. This year the Year 3 girls and Preps went to Gardiners Creek for National Tree Planting Day and to end Term 3, we planted vegetables in the Year 2 Garden. We have been busy keeping them well-watered during the warmer weather. This year, Korowa was successful in gaining a grant for the Higgins Sustainable Native Tree Project. It was exciting to investigate the indigenous plants that are native to this area and hold a tree planting event. We have enjoyed speaking at Assemblies and encouraging the Junior School community to be more sustainable. We have loved being the Junior School Sustainability Captains for 2017.