Science Talent Search

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The Science Talent Search is a competition open to all schools in Victoria, testing the talents of students in Science. Students develop their own projects which can take on the form of different media such as posters, computer games and videos. 

Korowa girls across the entire school won several bursary prizes for their competition entries. 

Lien Zheng and Crystal Li, Year 12, won a major bursary in this year's competition for their video entry Nuclear Winter. 

Zara and Simrah Shaikh, Year 9, won a major bursary for their creative essay entry. 

In the Junior School, Christina Chen and Jasmine Zhang won a major bursary for their computer program Rocket Blast and Adya Pandey won a major bursary for her poster Made in Australia

A fantastic effort by all. 

Stills from Nuclear Winter by Lien Zheng and Crystal Li: