Our Year Level Leaders

Our Year Level Leaders Our Year Level Leaders

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Korowa Anglican Girls' School will this year introduce a new model of leadership for our students in the Middle and Senior year levels. Each year level group from Years 6 to 12 will be supported by a Head of Year. 

The Heads of Year are:

Head of Year 6 – Sarah McLean 
Head of Year 7 – Caroline Servadei
Head of Year 8 and Head of Cripps – 
Karlie Stocker
Head of Year 9 – Ellen Moffatt (nee Robinson)
Head of Year 10 – Amelda Scott
Head of Year 11 – Xenia Pappas
Head of Year 12 – Niki Cook















Each Head of Year is also a member of the teaching staff at Korowa and possesses a strong commitment to holistic wellbeing and an affinity with all of Korowa's values. The Heads of Year will be closely involved in the pastoral care of students in the year level.

Students will still have opportunities to socialise with other year levels within their House groups and will continue to participate in House activities throughout the year, including House Swimming and House Arts. The House tradition has become a vital part of the spirit of Korowa and as the new Head of Houses Shelby Versa will continue to foster the strong House tradition at Korowa. Shelby is always at the front of the crowd at House events and was a keen participant during her time as a student at Korowa.

Head of Year 8 and Head of Cripps, Karlie Stocker, commenced at Korowa in 2010 in a replacement position for one term. Nearly seven years later, Karlie still loves being a Physical Education teacher at Korowa, saying that the staff and students are the best going around. The staff are supportive and have helped her to grow as a teacher and leader and the girls make every day enjoyable.

The Middle Years are important developmental years for girls as they take on more responsibility for their learning and begin the transition into the Senior School. Karlie looks forward to being the Head of Year 8 and Head of Cripps as she can work with the Year 8 cohort to prepare them for the Senior School and work with the other Year Level leaders to help the Year 6 and 7 girls navigate their way through Middle School.

Head of Year 9, Ellen Moffatt, began teaching German at Korowa
in 2011. She looks forward to leading the Year 9 girls at this exciting juncture in their schooling, their first year of Senior School.

Ellen said, "The Year 9 girls have so many experiential learning
opportunities ahead of them; activities which will see them ‘out of their comfort zone’ and embodying the Korowa values of Citizenship and Responsibility. Not only do the Trek, Urban Life and Adventure Challenge programs present a culmination of our Year 9 Personal Development focus, they also prepare the students for the challenge of the Senior years."

Ellen is a past student, or Korovian, and as a teacher, loves being able to give back to the school that provided her with so many opportunities as a student.

Parents and students are encouraged to contact their Head of Year throughout the year for guidance and assistance.