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Learning skills for the future

Over the school holidays, Korowa Anglican Girls' School has been hosting Code Camps for both boys and girls in our Learning Commons. The children have been learning an essential creative and technical skill at these camps - coding.

Coding is not only used to create websites. As the children learned, you can use coding to create your own colourful, interactive and extremely fun video games and apps too. 

The Code Camp organisation shared six myths about coding that these children are proving wrong:

  1. Only geniuses can code... Wrong!
  2. Kids are too young to learn code... Wrong!
  3. It's only beneficial for kids who want to be programmers in the future... Wrong!
  4. Coding can't be fun for kids... Wrong!
  5. You have to love computers or be 'techy'... Wrong!
  6. You need expensive equipment... Wrong!

We'd like to add one more - only boys are interested in coding... Wrong!

You can read more about these coding myths here.