Orientation Orientation

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We look forward to welcoming new students at Korowa, and make every effort to make their transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible regardless of which time in the year they commence.

To get to know new girls ahead of their start at Korowa, the Heads of the Junior School and the Middle School visit as many commencing students as possible at their current kindergarten or school during the year before they are due to start at Korowa. They ask about their interests, their friendship groups and related matters, so these factors can be taken into account when classes are being organised.

Meetings are held with all commencing students and their parents and in the year prior to commencement, again, to help us gain an understanding of each child.

In addition, orientation and transition programs are held for all students – both current and commencing - in the Early Learning Centre, the Junior School and the Middle School. Information sessions are held for parents (and students) across all year levels.

My daughter is a little shy and she won't know anyone at Korowa when she starts there. How will you help her settle into Korowa?

Even if your daughter doesn’t know anyone at Korowa when she starts here, we are sure she’ll know quite a few girls by the end of her first day! 

If your daughter is commencing with us at the start of the year, she will participate in a number of age-appropriate activities designed to promote the development of new friendships and to give new girls confidence in their new surroundings. These activities are held during orientation before she begins, and continue when the school year has started.

Girls commencing later in the year are normally given a buddy to help them settle in. 

Teachers at Korowa are very sensitive to the need to draw quieter girls out, and to make sure all students feel happy and safe during their time with us. 

What is the best way of preparing my daughter for her start at Korowa?

This will depend on your daughter. Usually our orientation program is sufficient preparation. 

If she is a girl who likes to have a good understanding of change before it occurs, it might be helpful for her to attend some public events at Korowa as well. She might like to come to our School production, to an Open Morning or to our Artwalk. Our Admissions Office can give you advice about upcoming events.