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1. From which year levels does your school take
international students?

We generally accept applications from students in Year
7 to Year 11. Traditionally, Year 10 and Year 11 entries
have been the most popular levels. However, with the
popularity of the Year 9 program, there is a greater
interest at the Year 9 level in recent years. Applications
for younger year levels are considered on a case by case

2. When is the best time to submit an application?

Places are in high demand at Korowa. It is always good
to get in touch with Korowa as soon as the AEAS results
are received.

We recommend families plan their child’s enrolment as
early as possible. The student will need to sit the AEAS
test, apply for a visa and complete an ELICOS program.
The academic year in Australia commences at the end of

3. What are the Academic Requirements for entry
into Years 7 - 11?

We accept high calibre, high achieving students with
good English Language scores.

4. Are any other tests such as TOFEL, IELTS or
ISTAR acceptable?

No. AEAS test is the only test we accept as it clearly
shows us how many weeks of English study is necessary
for a student to be fully prepared to commence
mainstream English studies.

5. What are the AEAS requirements for Years 7 - 11?

We prefer students to have above 50 in overall score with 6 or above for Mathematical Reasoning ability and Nonverbal
General Ability.

6. Can students attend the language school first if
they fail to get a qualified AEAS score? Will it affect
this student’s application?

Yes, the student can attend language school first. The
AEAS result is compulsory to apply for a place at Korowa.
The student will need to sit the AEAS test after in order to
submit formal application. Should the AEAS test report
recommend that the student complete additional weeks
at ELICOS, the student will be required to do this prior to
commencing at Korowa.

7. Do you have a dormitory? Should students live
with a homestay family?

There is no dormitory at Korowa. The agent should
arrange homestay for international students through
a third party company SAS (Student Accommodation
Services). SAS is the preferred provider of Korowa and is
aware of Korowa Child Safe Code of Conduct and Child
Safe Policy.

8. Is an interview necessary? If yes, how does it

Interviews are not required to confirm enrolment but
students are invited to visit the school to meet the
Principal and staff before commencing at the School. This
usually occurs once they have attended a few weeks of
their ELICOS program.

9. Are students able to start the Year 7 - 11 course
from Term 2 and Term 3 separately?

Yes, for students of Year 7 to Year 10. Students in Year 11
must commence in Term 1. Students cannot begin later or
they may not have sufficient credits to achieve the VCE.

10. Can a place be reserved in the next intake for a student who has had to defer the course for some reason?

We review this on a case by case basis and look at the reason for the student to defer.

11. Application fee

There is no application fee but the enrolment fee is $1200 in 2017.

12. Do you provide IB courses?

No, the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) program is offered at Korowa. VCE is a very flexible course, offering students the ability to select subjects of their personal interest. English is the only compulsory subject. The IB diploma is a more rigid, structured program.

13. Do students need to meet any specific requirements? (eg. age)

Students will be enrolled into a year level with peers of a similar age. This can also be assessed on a case by case basis.

14. How do international girls fit in at Korowa?

At Korowa, we are proud of the diversity of our student body and have students from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Therefore we welcome international girls and value what they bring to the School.

Our preference is for applicants who wish to be involved in the full life of the School by participating in co-curricular activities such as sport, music and the performing arts.

15. How many international girls attend Korowa each year?

It varies each year based on vacancies. The total number of international students is maintained at 40.

16. What kind of results do Korowa girls achieve?

Consistently ranked as one of the top independent, non-selective girls only schools in the state, Korowa’s Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) results are always outstanding. Some of our key results for the 2016 VCE class included:
• 15% achieved an ATAR of 99 and above
• 43% achieved an ATAR of 95 and above
• 57% achieved an ATAR of 90 and above
Normally, 100% of our students who apply for a University course will receive a first round offer.

17. Which universities do Korowa students attend?

Korowa students, including our international students, apply for places at a wide range of prestigious universities in Australia and overseas. These include the University of Melbourne and Monash University in Victoria.