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Throughout its long history, Korowa has experienced many challenges, but our community spirit has always supported us through difficult times.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is being felt across the community and many businesses are suffering, below is a list of businesses that are connected to the Korowa Community. Please consider supporting members of our community where you are able.

As a community we are here together; standing strong, remaining positive and supporting one another.

Andrew Plant - Children's Book Creator

Butter Cloud Kitchen

Central Park Optical

Crabtrees Real Estate

Creative Universe

Dr Haider Najjar

Editions Noosa Art

Evolve Project Management

Flory Construction

Helen Middleton Author

Inscape Horticultural

Joval Wine Group / Finewineco

Katydid Consulting

KPA Lawyers


Ledger Mavens

Lei Lei Clavey Photography

Lonpos Australia

LOTE Australia


Mizu Japanese Restaurant 

Orange Wealth

Our Kitchen Table

Pam Kelton Communications & Thermomix Consultant

Sam Says

Shannah Kennedy Coaching

Tribeca Financial

Wheelers Hill Soaps