2020 VCE Results

2020 VCE Results 2020 VCE Results

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Outstanding VCE Results

Korowa Anglican Girls’ School has a reputation for consistently strong academic performance across all levels of the School. As a proudly non-selective School, our results attest to the fact that students with a broad range of abilities and interests have the opportunity to excel with a Korowa education.

Our VCE results consistently place Korowa in the top band of schools across the State.

It is not just about the ATAR. We are equally proud of our students’ successes outside the formal classroom setting. Korowa students have an enviable record of achievement across a myriad of areas from the sporting field to the design studio and the stage.

Our students are brave, respectful, honest, generous and kind, they are an outstanding group of students. 

They are Korowa!

Congratulations to all students in the Class of 2020 in what has been an incredible year, well done!

This year our 2020 Dux is Hilary Zhu who achieved an ATAR of 99.8.  

Laura Dowd achieved three perfect study scores in English, Literature and History Revolutions. This is a first for Korowa!

Class of 2020 Summary of Results

6.76% of students achieved an ATAR of 99 or higher
35.14% of students achieved an ATAR of 95 or above
55.41% of students achieved an ATAR of 90 or above
Six perfect study scores of 50
Median ATAR – 91.27