Korowa Boarders

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For Korowa boarders, school was home.

By 1913 five boarders were enrolled at Korowa. This grew to 57 in 1955.

Boarders resided in dormitories in Ranfurlie, affectionately known as 'The House' and later known as Knox House. The Nest was home for junior girls. The Haven, Nepahwin and Ad Astra, amongst others, housed older girls.

Boarding conditions were often spartan. Hot water bottles were forbidden and central heating was unheard of. The girls lived according to a strict regime, with seniors rising at 6.20am to do their music practice before breakfast. The boarding era came to an end in 1960.

More than 50 years on, many Korovian boarders remember their time at Korowa with much affection. From Saturday afternoons at the St Kilda Baths, to midnight feasts and pillow fights, a strong sense of camaraderie was forged that is still felt today.

In a 1954 boarders' dormitory
In a 1954 boarders' dormitory.

Strong friendships developed in the boarding house
Strong friendships developed in the boarding house.