Chloe Spiropoulos

Chloe, Class of 2022 and last year’s Clarke Co-Captain, has accepted an offer to pursue a Bachelor of Design and Master of Construction Management at the University of Melbourne. Chloe has always had an interest in becoming a construction manager, with a goal of working in medium and large construction companies and being involved in all aspects of building, project management, and operations.

The 5-year graduate package offered at Melbourne University, which includes 3 years of design and 2 years of a Master’s program, was the perfect fit for Chloe as it allows her to gain practical knowledge, participate in real-world projects, and receive accreditation from the Australian Institute of Building (AIB) upon completion.

Chloe is eager to begin her university journey and is looking forward to entering the exciting field of construction management. She believes that her education at Korowa laid a foundation for her future and she is ready to “build” upon it.

During her post-school life, Chloe has been tutoring current Year 12 students and enjoying her summer break before university life starts. She is also looking forward to traveling and exploring new places.