Our Scholarship Program at Korowa Anglican Girls’ School provides exceptional students opportunities to nurture their unique talents and abilities. For over 130 years Korowa has welcomed students from all backgrounds and empowered them to defy expectations.

Mietta, class of 2018, commenced at Korowa in Year 7 on the Council Scholarship and looks back on her school days very fondly.

“The Council Scholarship allowed me an extremely fulfilling high
school experience.” 

“Being an individual with a wide range of interests and an adventurous personality, the world of unique opportunities I had access to, especially beyond the classroom, kept me engaged and created a learning environment in which I could thrive.”

At Korowa, there are endless opportunities and experiences available to every student that allows them to grow and follow their passions.

“I found Korowa to be a very supportive environment where I was encouraged to have a go, no matter my skill level,” said Mietta. “I never felt pressured to only stick to what I was good at, which meant trying and being a part of a diverse range of activities and experiences. Not only did this feed my insatiable curiosity, but it allowed me to grow as an individual. I am especially grateful for the programs unique to Korowa, such as Exchange, Trek and House Arts, from which I gained so much.”

Mietta took advantage of the abundance of opportunities at Korowa, “I participated in many of the co-curricular activities on offer,” said Mietta. “Especially sports, such as swimming, water polo, cross country, triathlon, rowing and athletics. I was also involved in choir, Korowa productions and French Exchange.”

In her final year, Mietta’s leadership skills, can-do attitude and love for the school were recognised as she was awarded Clarke House Captain.

“A highlight of my time at Korowa was when Clarke won the House Cup in my final year. When I was in Clarke, the house had a pretty solid (and long-standing) reputation as the underdog house. Despite having learned over the years that we didn’t need House Cups to have a good time, leading Clarke to victory alongside my co-captain was a pretty superb way to finish off Year 12!”

Korowa develops students to be people who actively engage in their community, explore their passions and prepares them for the global world. Since graduating in 2018, Mietta has taken the skills, opportunities and experiences Korowa prepared her for around the globe.

After graduating, I took a gap year which I spent working at a boarding school in England and travelling Europe. I am now studying a Bachelor of Commerce and a concurrent Diploma of French at the University of Melbourne. Hopefully this time next year I will be studying somewhere (warm) overseas!”

Scholarships applications are now open to students entering Years 5 – 11 in 2023. We are also currently accepting General Excellence Sport Scholarship applications for a student entering Year 7 2022. Read more and apply online here.