Korowa staff and friends came together last term, to put our new Food Studies space to the test and expand our culinary skills under the direction of the amazing Rosa from Rosa’s Table.

What a fun night!  Together with our colleagues, and amidst much laughter and chatter, we chopped, mixed and baked, and then enjoyed the fruits of our labour over a fabulous three course meal!

While not an ‘official’ team building exercise, we came away knowing our colleagues a little better.  We all had bragging rights (no failures), and brought to the table a sense of achievement, collaboration, communication (no encouragement needed), good vibes, Instagram moments, innovation and creativity.

The ‘proof is in the pudding’, as the photos will attest.

Thanks to Head of Food Studies, Jo Nanfra who also assisted on the night, deftly guiding us around our new high-tech kitchen.

Rosa will conduct a Winter cooking class on Tuesday 30 July for Korowa staff and friends.

By Sharyn Hanly, Director of Community Relations and Marketing