We are extremely proud to announce that Jemima Parton, Year 12 student at Korowa, recently accepted a full rowing scholarship to Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas. Jemima is a very hard working and dedicated rower, and we wish her all the best next year. Here is what she had to say about her upcoming rowing ventures:

When will you commence your studies at SMU?

I will start my freshmen year at Southern Methodist University in August 2021, all things going to plan. Up until then, I will continue rowing for my club, Melbourne University Boat Club (MUBC), and just relax for the first half of 2021, before starting my new rowing career and academic life at SMU!

What are you most excited about, in relation to going to SMU?

It is hard to pinpoint just one thing that I am excited about! Going to an American University to row has been something I have been dreaming of and trying to achieve since year 10 when one of my coaches told me ‘if you ever get the opportunity to row in America, you should never say no’. That talk definitely stuck in my mind, so it’s crazy and amazing to see it play out! I’m also very excited to experience a ‘college lifestyle’, living in a dorm and going to classes with people from all over the world. I will obviously miss all my family and friends back home, but I can’t wait to make lots of new friends, on and off the rowing team, once I get there. And obviously, I am excited to row and compete with such an amazing rowing team, in such a great competition.

What other subjects will you study?

My plan is to apply for the Cox Business School, which is a four-year course, finishing with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. This course is very appealing to me, as I have done a lot of humanities subjects whilst at Korowa, including Business Management this year, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. They also have a very prestigious Advertising course that looks amazing and very interesting, so I haven’t quite decided what I will be studying yet, but most likely something along the Business/Marketing stream.

How long have you been rowing for?

I started rowing in Year 8 at Korowa, in the junior squad, and rowed with the school until this year, in the senior’s squad. As well as that, I rowed with MUBC during the winter season, and some summers, from year 9, and will stay with them until I leave next year. Korowa was the place where I first became passionate about the sport, I’m so thankful that the program, the coaches and the school were able to help me get to the position I am in now.

What do you love about rowing?

I love everything about the sport. I love the fact that you are part of a team, pushing one another to reach the same goal. It’s such a unique, demanding sport that you quickly become friends with everyone around you. I love the way that the team becomes a family, as you are all there to achieve the same goal and care about everyone you are doing it with. The sport is definitely challenging, and requires a lot of time and hard work but that is something else that I love about it. The feelings of accomplishment and pride you feel once you cross the finish line first is something that all rowers think about and love, and this helps you get through the hard training sessions and early mornings.