The Year 9 Ambassadors Program is an opportunity for students to develop as School leaders, to build confidence and improve their public speaking skills, all important life skills for the future.

Year 9 Ambassadors provide an authentic insight into what life is like at Korowa and the opportunities on offer.

In preparation for becoming an Ambassador, students take part in a series of workshops run by Jon Yeo, the National President for Professional Speakers Australia. Jon is also the Licensee of TEDx Melbourne and a professional speaker, speaker coach and event organiser. He prepares speakers for some of the most watched and critiqued speaking videos in the world.

This program focuses on developing 21st century skills such as communication, creativity, flexibility and  critical thinking. These skills not only support successful learning but ensure students will thrive in a constantly changing world well beyond school.

Throughout the program Jon works with the students focusing on communication as a skill set, messaging vs influencing, storytelling, speaking confidence and managing nerves.

Jon said “It’s been great to work with the girls on their speaking skills. I’ve been very impressed with their attitude, energy and passion to learn. It’s also a great insight into the initiatives of the school and their forward focus on their success beyond the classroom. I really feel they can take these skills and make a difference with empathy, clarity and confidence”.

The Ambassador’s role is an important one in that it encompasses the School values of service and respect. These students as School Ambassadors play a valuable role in showcasing the School and sharing from their perspective what it means to be a Korowa student.